In Car PCs & Vehicle Mounted Computers 

M-PC3 UnitAttobus in car PCs are specifically designed for mobile data and image processing within the harsh vehicle environment, with options for fixed and vehicle-mounted on board computers.

The rugged designs integrate fully with the vehicle's power systems and offer daylight-viewable colour TFT touchscreens for ease of use plus a wealth of connectivity for cameras and other equipment.

Mobile Data Systems - TETRA & 4G/3G/GPRS Compatible

Attobus mobile data systems provide vehicle-based workers with a wide range of applications including automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), real time video steaming, GPS based navigation, vehicle location (AVLS), remote database access, computer aided despatch (CAD) and digital video recording.

Users can access remote databases using the computer’s wireless connectivity including 4G/3G/GPRS and TETRA used by the police and emergency services, as well as locally stored databases, to provide them with the information they need in the field. All our systems have been awarded e-mark certification for use in vehicles. 

Improved accuracy and significant cost savings

Using vehicle computers for mobile data can dramatically improve the  efficiency of field-based operations, providing employees with a method of communication which provides real time information exchange, improved data accuracy, increased revenues and reduced administration costs.