Attobus Ltd has been established by the founders and key staff of Microbus Ltd to continue supplying and supporting the M-PC family of in-vehicle computers which have been in operation within the emergency services throughout the UK and abroad for over a decade. With unrivalled experience in the design of vehicle-based computers Attobus’s key personnel offer continuity to the many current users of M-PC products, while developing new features for the M-PC range and new products for the future.

For over 10 years now, the M-PC family of in-vehicle computers has been used by the emergency services sectors across the world. Many police forces, ambulance services and fire brigades including large organisations such as the Metropolitan Police Service (MET) and the London Ambulance Service (LAS) have chosen the M-PC, M-PC2 or M-PC3.
The Metropolitan Police Service has deployed some 1,250 M-PC2 in the last decade, including refreshing their fleet in 2008, and continues to do so. The London Ambulance Service has installed the M-PC and M-PC2 into ambulances and fast response vehicles over the same period, refreshing their fleet in 2010 and currently has over 800 in use. 
These are just two organisations that have counted on the M-PC group of products to provide reliable in-vehicle computers as part of their overall mobile data strategy. See the attached press releases for more detail.
A further selection of press releases and case studies shows the long successful history of the M-PC family.

With over 20,000 M-PC in use throughout the world, some continuously for 10 years, the reliability, continuity and support of the M-PC, M-PC2 and M-PC3 is well-established and Attobus continues to support and develop the M-PC family for current and future customers. 

Please contact us to discuss your mobile data projects and how our in-vehicle computers might suit your requirements. We will be happy to recommend our products if we feel they will fit in your solution.
A successful project has been the best sales tool for our in-vehicle computers since the first deployments began in 2000.

For more information, please contact Attobus.

Case Studies & Press Releases

Hampshire Police
Increase efficiencies within task force

Metropolitan Police
Place their third substantial order

Metropolitan Police
Refresh Fleet

Saab Performit AB
Sweden mobile data market sees growth

London Ambulance
Choose the M-PC mobile computer

UKAEA Technology Example


Östergötland Ambulance Service, Sweden

South Wales Trunk Road Agency

EBITS LLP (formerly Carter Ground Fueling)