New Premises - New Demo Room

Since moving to new premises we have updated our demo room to include the latest Attobus products while providing a comfortable user-friendly space for training on our mobile data systems and the 3rd party accessories we support.
Demo room

Computers on display are the new A-PC2, A-PC1 and M-PC3, connected to a range of screens including our 12.1", 10.4" and 8.4" so that our customers can compare display size and resolution.

The systems are set up to demonstrate how our MDTs can seamlessly control multiple peripherals with the touch of a button including:


Federal Lightbar: controlled directly over a serial interface dongle and Attobus Federal Lightbar software

Simple Lightbar: controlled via the relay box and Attobus Lightbar software

Carnation Genisys: smart lightbar controller via Carnation's Virtual Keypad software and Attobus EventControl software

Matrix Signs

RSG pop up Matrix Sign: controlled via a serial interface dongle and Attobus RSGMatrixSign software (which replaces the Hazard handset)

Premier Hazard Matrix Sign: controlled via a serial interface dongle and Attobus PremierHazardMatrixSign software (which replaces the Road Alert handset)


Controlled by a serial interface and Attobus TRACKER software (which replaces the Sun Visor display)

Sepura Tetra Radio

Controlled over USB via a Sepura interface cable and Attobus SepuraVC software (which replaces the radio headset)


For both video and ANPR. Includes MAV Sabre and Rapier cameras with software controls available. (The A-PC2 can support up to 12 cameras.)

Additional Features on Demo

- Interfaces to detect vehicle information like brakes, indicators, lights, single/dual vehicle crew, vehicle stationary/moving to demonstrate Reg 109 and text overlay options available on video readings

- Multi-channel video recording (up to 4 cameras)

- Petards Provida for speed detection via Attobus EventControl software to control video recording and cutting out video timestamps

- 3rd party satellite navigation software, with option to include street names on the video recording (and controlling video recordings against badge numbers or user name)

- Secured web connections to DVLA insurance and MOT records

- Interface to tablet/laptop with software to display and control the Attobus MDT remotely from the tablet/laptop and run the MDT headless

- MDT screen rotated to show how multiple applications can be open on the screen at the same time

- a back office computer to demonstrate transference of video timestamps either via USB (MPEG2, H.264 or encrypted video) or via WiFi to network storage

We provide demonstration and training on all the above and with a 46" TV connected to our MDTs we can demo on a larger screen to aid group training sessions.

To arrange a demo, schedule some system training, or just to find out more about how Attobus can help with your mobile data requirements, please contact us at